Ten reasons why buy in Andalucia Spain.

Every year thousands of people choose to make a new life for themselves in southern Spain, and with friendly natives, great food and year round sun, who can blame them?

Andalucia is Spain’s largest single region and is perhaps the area which evokes the most powerful images of a country famed for its flamenco, fiestas, beaches, bullfighting and passion. It is characterised by its impressive historical heritage and colourful culture, and each of the eight provinces which make up the region: Seville, Malaga, Cadiz, Huelva, Granada, Cordoba, Jaen and Almeria, have something unique to offer visitors.

According to some estimates, around 70,000 Brits buy property in Spain every year – the majority of whom choose the attractive region of Andalucia to start their new life in. So what is it exactly about the area that attracts so many foreign buyers? Could it be the laidback, but exciting, lifestyle the locals enjoy, or the warm climate which makes sunbathing in December possible? Whether you’re looking to emigrate or make a property investment abroad, it pays to know that southern Spain is still arguably the number one destination for property investments. Here are just ten reasons why buying in Spain really is your best bet.

Standard of living.

A UN Development Programme ranking of the best countries to live in placed Spain at the top end of the table in 2007 – 13th, out of a total of 177 UN member countries. Spain came ahead of several European heavyweights including (Germany (22nd), the United Kingdom (16th) and Italy (20th). The list, which is a measure of the standard of living, compiled using criteria such as education, health and GDP, is proof that the quality of life in Spain is virtually unbeatable.

Lifestyle in Andalucia.

Ask any expatriate why they chose to relocate to southern Spain, and they will probably cite the exciting lifestyle and pace of life. The region is home to bull fighting, winemaking and delicious gastronomy, and visitors to the area are welcome by locals at the many fiestas which mark different food, religious or handicrafts events throughout the year. Some of the most popular are the carnival, which takes place in January, and is one of Malaga´s biggest attractions and the summer fair which brings together locals and non-residents of all ages for a fun-packed fortnight of singing, dancing, sherry drinking and general merrymaking. These events really do demonstrate how amiable the Andalusians are.

Andalucians Climate.

Waking up to the sunshine is practically an everyday occurrence in southern Spain. The region enjoys a favourable climate with over 320 days of sun a year, which is great for people who enjoy the outdoor life, or for fans of outdoor sport activities such as trekking, skiing and windsurfing. If spending a relaxing day on the beach is your idea of fun, you couldn`t ask for more in terms of the quality of the region`s beaches. In 2007, Andalucia was awarded an impressive 72 blue flags for cleanliness by an international committee of judges represented through organisations such as the United Nations for the Environment.

Gastronomy in Andalucia.

It is well known fact that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest, and when it comes to food and drink, you will be hard pressed to find a more appetising cuisine than the Spanish. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the mail staples of the gastronomy and the Andalusians are very proud of their products. There is several important food events celebrated in the villages of the area, which pay homage to a particular delicacy. In El Borge, in Malaga province, the villages celebrate the Dia de la Pasa (raisin day), in September, where the Town Hall provides free tasting sessions of raisins and muscatel wine, and puts on various other acts throughout the day.

In the town of Torremolinos, one of the most popular gastronomy events is the Dia del pescaito, which is known as Fish Day, and takes place in October. Visitors are encouraged to get to the venue early if they want to enjoy free plates of the delicious fried fish distributed by the Town Hall. In fact, pescaito frito, which literally means fried fish, is the regions favourite delicacy and is usually eaten in the summer and early autumn. Spain is also synonymous with tapas, which are small servings of traditional Spanish foods such as omelette, spicy pork sausage, ham and cheese. Tapas are a fairy cheap and fun alternative to an ordinary meal, and bars usually have a very wide selection of tasty tapas to choose from. In some eateries in the area, they are even served free with every drink ordered.

Costs to live in Andalucia.

The cost of living in Spain is generally lower than in the UK, particularly when it comes to groceries. With Spain being an important wine-producing region, you can find good quality beverages at just half the UK prices. You can also eat for less too, especially if you cook most meals yourself; you will find the grocery bills are around 2/3 of the cost of UK bills, which means that you are left with more money to spend on treats! And everyone knows that wine, alcohol and cigarettes is much cheaper in Spain.

Investments in property.

The Spanish property market is a thriving, but complex sector, and an increasingly higher number of foreign buyer are taking advantage of the country´s low interest rates and reasonable apartments and villas prices or large luxury villas. Moreover, changes in Spanish legislation have made it easier and cheaper to remortgage your Spanish property; you may even want to consider taking out a mortgage with Spanish bank to save money.

Renting out your property is also a financially attractive option, especially in tourist areas where there is huge demand. From an economic point of view, the region is an ideal place for investment thanks to its geographical situation, location and infrastructure. The region is at the forefront of modern technology and has a network of technology and industrial parks as well as logistic centres which attract various types of production of services activity at competitive prices.


Getting to grips with the language and integrating with the locals takes no time at all in southern Spain, thanks to the network of language schools which strive to make learning fun. Many of these academias are situated in east-to reach, central places and offer general courses of all levels, as well as business for professionals who need to learn specific vocabulary. Many town halls also organise Spanish courses which are free for residents who are registered as living in the community. Foreign residents of school are helped to integrate with their classmates by studying in language labs at school, where teachers are on hand to provide support.

Leisure activities

Whatever you like doing in your spare time you can do in Andalucia. The area has become a mecca for golf enthusiasts and there are numerous of top quality golf courses on the Costa del Sol, which boast impressive facilities. In May, players and hundreds of spectators flock to Marbella where the Andalusian Open is held, and in 207, the Volvo Master tournament took places at Valderrama.

Those who enjoy beauty treatments and spas will be spoilt for choice in the region, where they can enjoy relaxing new age treatments such as algotherapy, hydrotherapy and mud therapy in luxury hotels all along the cast from Nerja to San Roque. Many of these hotels are tastefully decorated with Arabic and Western features, and surrounded by courtyards and fountains to provide optimum comfort and harmony between mind and body.

There is also plenty to do and see for younger ones, with popular activities, including go-carting, and visits to aqua parks and zoos. The Sea Life centre in the town of Benalmadena is home to around 30,000 surprising creatures, some native to Spain and other from exotic spots across the world. There are also several equestrian schools in the province of Malaga which offer riding classes for children of all ages, and some even organise their own competitions.

Location and infrastructure in Spain.

Andalucia is the largest single region in Spain, and apart from the advantages its diverse landscape offers, its location whit regard to the rest of Europe is favourable too. The region is situated just a few hours from the UK by plane, and a short ferry ride away from North Africa. Links to the rest of Europe are unbeatable too, with many low cost airlines providing direct flights daily to many major airports. Travelling around Spain is fairly quick and hassle-free too thanks to the country`s impressive infrastructure network. The new AVE (high speed train service) line connects Malaga and Madrid in just a few hours, and there are railway connections to other important cities as Barcelona, Cordoba and Seville.

Heritage and Culture

There are simply too many historical monuments, museums and culture palces to list, but it is fair to say that each of the eight provinces in the region has at least one important feature. Perhaps the beauty of Andalucia is the combination of its impressive historical heritage which includes such marvels as the Moorish Alhambra Palace in Granada, the dolmens in Antequera and the 12th century Giralda tower in Seville, and its modern, cosmopolitan facet.

Art can be found all around the region, from Gothic and Baroque-style architecture, which lines the streets and a whole host of important art houses dedicated to avant-garde. Film and theatre are also widely promoted, and many town councils organise film festivals on the beach during summer, where spectators are invited to watch the newest releases for free. Andalucia really does have something for everyone and surpasses its rivals year after year.



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